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Earthquake Molucca Sea, Indonesia, 7.4M 2019-11-14T16:17:41Z

Added on: 2019-11-14 18:01:30 by Vanhoorne, Bart
Waves can be seen at Bitung (Indonesia)

1st announcement: Workshop on Sea Level Data Archaeology (Paris, France 10-12 Mar 2020)

Added on: 2019-10-18 21:09:57 by Aarup, Thorkild
Historical tide measurements are among the oldest direct observations which provide relevant information regarding the long-term evolution of mean sea-level. In many countries, systematic sea level observations have been carried out since the early to mid-1800s. Despite this rich historical legacy, documents with these records are hidden in archive centers. Most of these analog documents are not adequately inventoried. There can be considerable benefit in rescuing these data before they may be lost. ...

Earthquake near the West Coast of Honshu, Japan, 6.8M 2019-06-11T13:22:00

Added on: 2019-06-18 17:54:52 by Vanhoorne, Bart
Waves can be seen at Sado (Japan)

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The objective of this service is
  • to provide information about the operational status of global and regional networks of real time sea level stations
  • to provide a display service for quick inspection of the raw data stream from individual stations.

This web-site initially focused on operational monitoring of sea level measuring stations in Africa and was developed from collaboration between Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) and the ODINAFRICA project of IODE. The site has since been expanded to a global station monitoring service for real time sea level measuring stations that are part of IOC programmes i.e. (i) the Global Sea Level Observing System Core Network; and (ii) the networks under the regional tsunami warning systems in the Indian Ocean (IOTWS), North East Atlantic & Mediterranean (NEAMTWS), Pacific (PTWS) and the Caribbean (CARIBE-EWS).

Research quality data

Provision of low frequency and high frequency research quality sea level data is not the aim of this service. Such data is available from the GLOSS designated data centers at the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL), the British Oceanographic Data Center (BODC), the University of Hawaii Sea Level Center (UHSLC) or the data originators.
Additionally, you can click on the 'QC data' link on the station details page, to retrieve research quality data.

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