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Station metadata
Code ushu
Country Argentina
Location Ushuaia
Status Operational
Local Contact Armada Argentina Servicio de Hidrografía Naval ( Argentina )
Other Contact University of Hawaii Sea Level Center ( USA )
GLOSS core ID 181   [goto handbook]
Long-term MSL data
Latitude -54.817
Longitude -68.217
Connection GTS message
GTS message type SEPO40
Sensor 1
Type of sensorrad (radar)
Sampling rate (min)1
Sensor 2
Type of sensorra2 (2nd radar)
Sampling rate (min)5
Sensor 3
Type of sensorsw1 (1st switch)
Sampling rate (min)60
Sensor 4
Type of sensorsw2 (2nd switch)
Sampling rate (min)60
Sensor 5
Type of sensorbat (battery)
Sampling rate (min)15
Period SignalsData

7 days
30 days
rad (radar)
ra2 (2nd radar)
Remove outliers
Remove spikes
Relative levels = signal - median over selected period
Absolute levels = as received
Offset signals = relative levels + offset
Show switch data
Show battery voltage
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