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Station NameTern, French Frigate Shoals
CountryUnited States
DateLastModified2015-10-22 19:02:29
Linked codes
IOC: frenTern,Fr._Frigate_US23.867-166.283prs, rad, ra2, bub, sw1, sw2, bat
GLOSS: 107French Frigate Shoals, H23.86666-166.28333Float, Pressure
PTWC: frenTern_Fr._Frigate_US23.8690-166.2884prs, rad, ra2
PSMSL: 1372FRENCH FRIGATE SHOALS23.866667-166.283333N/A
PSMSL: 2192FRENCH FRIGATE SHOALS B23.868333-166.288333N/A
SONEL_TG: 2840FRENCH FRIGATE SHOALS23.86886700-166.28836200N/A
Distributed metadata source: IOC Sea Level Station Monitoring Facility fren
GTS station code15D58280
GTS message typeSXHW11
Transmit interval (min)5
Local ContactUniversity of Hawaii Sea Level Center ( USA )
Other ContactPacific Tsunami Warning Center ( USA )
Added to the system2008-05-25 10:46:00
ConnectionGTS message
Sensor 1
  Type of sensorprs
  Sampling rate (min)1
  Units of measurem
  First value5
  Reversed orderyes
Sensor 2
  Type of sensorrad
  Sampling rate (min)1
  Units of measurem
  First value18
  Reversed orderyes
Sensor 3
  Type of sensorra2
  Sampling rate (min)5
  Units of measurem
  First value31
  Reversed orderyes
Sensor 4
  Type of sensorbub
  Sampling rate (min)5
  Units of measurem
  First value36
  Reversed orderyes
Sensor 5
  Type of sensorsw1
  Sampling rate (min)60
  Units of measuremin
  First value36
  Reversed orderyes
Sensor 6
  Type of sensorsw2
  Sampling rate (min)60
  Units of measuremin
  First value40
  Reversed orderyes
Sensor 7
  Type of sensorbat
  Sampling rate (min)5
  Units of measureV
  First value44
  Reversed orderyes
Distributed metadata source: GLOSS Station Handbook
Time Zone165W, GMT - 11hrs
Auxiliary benchmarksUH2 SS bolt head, set in concrete, at entrance of tide house. UH3 SS bolt set in concrete, stamped 'KAMBIC/ JONES' on sea wall 2ft west of tide well. UH4 SS bolt head set in concrete, stamped '4', located at the north west corner of the Weather Service tower. UH5 SS bolt head set in concrete, NW corner steps of Main building.
Other relevant informationOther benchmark: UH6 SS bolt head set in concrete, no stamp, located at the NE corner of the Main building foundation pillar. Daily values calculated using 119-point convolution filter (Bloomfield, 1976) centred on noon applied to the hourly data with respective periods of the 95, 50 and 5% amplitude points at 124.0, 60.2 and 40.2 hours.
Other relevant codesUHSLC 014
Distributed metadata source: PTWC COMP META file
DCP ID15D58280
Samp Rate5
Num# Samp2
Xmt Int.005
Fst Min.0005
Data availability
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