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Station NameDarwin
DateLastModified2015-10-22 19:02:29
Linked codes
IOC: darwDarwin_AU-12.4719130.8458aqu
GLOSS: 62Darwin-12.46666130.85Float, Acoustic
PTWC: darwDarwin_AU-12.4719130.8458prs
PSMSL: 935DARWIN-12.471778130.845861N/A
SONEL_GPS: 2930DARWIN Harbour-12.42401693130.89148820N/A
SONEL_TG: 2818DARWIN Harbour-12.47200000130.84600000N/A
Distributed metadata source: IOC Sea Level Station Monitoring Facility darw
GTS station code63230
GTS message typeSZAU01
Transmit interval (min)3
Local ContactNational Tidal Centre/Australian Bureau of Meteorology ( Australia )
Added to the system2007-12-05 22:50:00
ConnectionGTS message
Sensor 1
  Type of sensoraqu
  Sampling rate (min)1
  Units of measurem
  Reversed orderno
Distributed metadata source: GLOSS Station Handbook
Responsible countryAustralia
Additional parametersbarometric pressure, water and air temperature, wind speed and direction
Tide gauge benchmarksBM 70/8 bronze plaque at ground level behind kerb at corner of Kitchener Drive and the boom shed road.
Benchmark relationshipsTide Gauge Zero (TGZ) = Admiralty Chart Datum (ACD) TGZ = 3.975m below Australian Height Datum (AHD) TGZ = 10.335m below BM 70/8
Auxiliary benchmarksBM 100: 10x30mm brass block with identification tag set in concrete retaining wall at the abutment of Stokes Hill Wharf. BM 3046: top of south east corner holding down bolt on base plate of power pole at the abutment of Fort Hill Wharf. BM 3047: bolt near the tide gauge hut, Fort Hill Wharf. NTS302 NM/G/21 = Pillar = Coastal Array Primary BM BM491 Datum for AHD Heights = 28.542m AHD and 32.517m = above Chart Datum BM 4566 = SEAFRAME Sensor BM =3D 6.374m AHD and 10.349m above Chart Datum BM 4565 = 27.298m AHD and 31.273m above Chart Datum BM 4564 = 27.228m AHD and 31.203m above Chart Datum BM 4479 = 6.368m AHD and 10.343m above Chart Datum BM 4480 = 6.343m AHD and 10.318m above Chart Datum BM 4478 = 6.309m AHD and 10.284m above Chart Datum BM 4481 = 5.491m AHD and 9.466m above Chart Datum BM 4482 = 5.801m AHD and 9.776m above Chart Datum
Other relevant informationFloat/stilling well gauge at Fort Hill Wharf (1954-1959). Float/stilling well gauge at Stokes Hill Wharf (1957-1986). Float/stilling well gauge at New Fort Hill Wharf (1981 onward). Geocentric measurement: Precise ephemeris, single point doppler fix U605 Emery Point 1974, approx. 4km from gauge.
Other relevant codesNTF port no. 63230, USHLC 168
Nearest Met. stationDarwin Airport
Distributed metadata source: PTWC COMP META file
DCP ID63230
Samp Rate1
Num# Samp6
Xmt Int.003
Fst Min.0000
Data availability
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