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Station NameCeuta
DateLastModified2015-10-22 19:02:29
Linked codes
IOC: ceutCeuta35.9-5.3166rad
GLOSS: 249Ceuta (Spanish N. Africa)35.54-5.19Float
UHSLC: 207Colombia-75.533001993-05-02N/A
PSMSL: 1316CEUTA-A35.9-5.316667N/A
PSMSL: 1416CEUTA-B35.9-5.316667N/A
PSMSL: 1485CEUTA-C35.9-5.316667N/A
PSMSL: 1517CEUTA-D35.9-5.316667N/A
PSMSL: 498CEUTA35.8924-5.31589N/A
SONEL_GPS: 1922CEUTA35.89197204-5.30639087N/A
SONEL_GPS: 650CEUTA35.89605190-5.31133261N/A
SONEL_TG: 2213CEUTA35.89245900-5.31570600N/A
Distributed metadata source: IOC Sea Level Station Monitoring Facility ceut
Transmit interval (min)1440
Status descriptionsensor flt->rad on 2018-10-29
Local ContactInstituto Español de Oceanografía ( Spain )
Added to the system2008-08-18 00:00:00
ConnectionWEB service
Sensor 1
  Type of sensorrad
  Sampling rate (min)10
  Units of measurem
  Reversed orderno
Distributed metadata source: GLOSS Station Handbook
Time Zone000E, GMT
Responsible countrySpain
Additional parametersAtmospheric pressure
Tide gauge benchmarksNRG-101 (Instituto Geografico Nacional) located in the stilling well mouth. Geometrical altitude: 3.401m; levelling: Ceuta-Tetuan line 1929 (1982). TGZ (1996) = 4.195 metres under NGR-101
Benchmark relationshipsSS.C.1 (IGN) located in the floor at the crowing of the west side of the Dock Espana in front of the window of the tide gauge place. Geometrical altitude: 2.666m; levelling: Ceuta-Tetuan line 1929 (1982). SS.C.7 (IGN) located in the south of the dike cont
Auxiliary benchmarksSS.C.1 SS.C.7
Other relevant informationTwo GPS campaigns. Project: SELF I (5 days, 24 hours a day in March 1993). SELF II (from 25-30 November 1996).
Other relevant codesUHSLC 207
Nearest Met. stationObservatorio de Ceuta
Data availability
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