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Station NameCarnarvon
DateLastModified2015-10-22 19:02:29
Linked codes
GLOSS: 52Carnarvon-24.9113.65Float
UHSLC: 167Carnarvon-24.89800113.65200N/A
PSMSL: 1115CARNARVON-24.898694113.651028N/A
PSMSL: 1126CARNARVON II-24.883333113.616667N/A
SONEL_TG: 2814CARNARVON-24.89900000113.65100000N/A
Distributed metadata source: GLOSS Station Handbook
Time Zone120E, GMT + 8hrs
Responsible countryAustralia
Data acquisition rate5 minute samples
Additional parametersNone
Tide gauge benchmarksPeg 13, the top of a section of rail set in concrete between locomotive rails about 10 metres east of the abutment of Main Jetty.
Benchmark relationshipsTide Gauge Zero (TGZ) = 4.892m below TGBM TGZ = 0.814m below Australian Height Datum (AHD)
Auxiliary benchmarksA100: PWD bronze plaque in concrete in the vicinity of the boat harbour. A876: PWD bronze plaque set in concrete deck of the boat harbour jetty beside the tide gauge. A881: PWD bronze plaque set in concrete deck of the boat harbour jetty. A882: PWD bronze plaque set in concrete deck of boat harbour jetty head. CVN14: bolt in concrete block beside PWD Office, Carnarvon
Other relevant informationFloat/stilling well analogue gauge operated at Main Jetty 1964-1977. Float/stilling/well analogue gauge operated in present location in the boat harbour 1977-1989. Geo. measurement: Precise ephemeris, doppler fix, Brown Range GC18A,1982 PSMSL also hold data from another gauge in Carnarvon (PSMSL Code 680/480 1966-1976, 1978-1982, 1984).
Other relevant codesNTF port no. 62370, UHSLC 167
Nearest Met. stationCarnarvon Airport
Data availability
PSMSL Annual Mean Sea Level for '1115'
PSMSL Annual Mean Sea Level for '1126'