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Station NameBaltra
DateLastModified2015-10-22 19:02:29
Linked codes
IOC: baltBaltra,Galapagos_EC-0.433-90.283prs, rad, enc, bat, sw1, sw2
GLOSS: 169Baltra, Galapagos Is.-0.43333-90.28333Float, Pressure
PTWC: baltBaltra_Galapags_EC-0.4367-90.2850prs, rad, enc
PSMSL: 1226BALTRA-A-0.433333-90.283333N/A
PSMSL: 1645BALTRA-B-0.433333-90.283333N/A
Distributed metadata source: IOC Sea Level Station Monitoring Facility balt
GTS station code932040EE
GTS message typeSEEQ40
Transmit interval (min)5
Local ContactInstituto Oceanogr√°fico de la Armada ( Ecuador )
Other ContactUniversity of Hawaii Sea Level Center ( USA )
Added to the system2008-06-03 15:38:00
ConnectionGTS message
Sensor 1
  Type of sensorprs
  Sampling rate (min)1
  Units of measurem
  First value5
  Reversed orderyes
Sensor 2
  Type of sensorrad
  Sampling rate (min)1
  Units of measurem
  First value18
  Reversed orderyes
Sensor 3
  Type of sensorenc
  Sampling rate (min)5
  Units of measurem
  First value31
  Reversed orderyes
Sensor 4
  Type of sensorsw1
  Sampling rate (min)60
  Units of measuremin
  First value40
  Reversed orderno
Sensor 5
  Type of sensorsw2
  Sampling rate (min)60
  Units of measuremin
  First value44
  Reversed orderno
Sensor 6
  Type of sensorbat
  Sampling rate (min)5
  Units of measureV
  First value48
  Reversed orderyes
Distributed metadata source: GLOSS Station Handbook
Time Zone090W, GMT - 6hrs
Responsible countryEcuador
Tide gauge benchmarksUH-1: type not documented, located at 133ft, 40 deg. true N at SE corner of the fuel storage bldg. (established 24 Mar 1985)
Benchmark relationshipsDatum of data is zero of tide staff UH-1 is 4.052m above tide staff zero (June 1985) UH-2 is 4.189m above tide staff zero (June 1985)
Auxiliary benchmarksUH-2: type not documented, located at 133.33ft, 40 deg. true N at SE corner of fuel bldg. (established 24 Mar 1985) UH-3: SS square plate located at base of the old lamp post just off line between the station and the lighthouse, located 237 deg. true N and about 250 ft from tide station (established 8 Jun 1990) 1: type not documented, behind storage area (established Apr 1988)
Other relevant informationOther benchmarks: 2A - 10cm disc stamped 'Instituto Oceanografico de l'Armada. Prohibido Tocar 1977'. 234 deg. True N of tide station. SW1 - head of 1/4inch screw mounted on witch switch on Encoder well. (2A and SW1 established 8 Jun 1990)
Other relevant codesUHSLC 003
Distributed metadata source: PTWC COMP META file
DCP ID932040EE
Samp Rate5
Num# Samp5
Xmt Int.005
Fst Min.0002
Data availability
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